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Our Mission and Vision

The Southland Adventist Christian School maintains the ideals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in matters of faith, conduct and morals. The teaching of these ideals is one of the reasons for the school’s existence. The standards of conduct are intended to improve the students’ usefulness in society, elevate their character, enable their minds and increase their happiness.

The purpose of the school is to lead young people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ by developing their characters, minds and academic skills for service to God and man for life and eternity.


“Growing and Learning Together for life and Eternity”

We strive to be a school of GROWTH

G – Godliness

R – Rich Relationships

O – Ownership of Mastery

W – Wisdom in Decision Making

T – Transformational Learning

H – Harvest Focus

Because we believe God’s laws outline standards of ethical behaviour based on His character of love, students will be encouraged to display the following values in keeping with our vision.

G – Godliness grows with Worship

R – Rich Relationships grow with Love and Compassion

O – Ownership of Mastery grows with Perserverance and Excellence

W –Wisdom in Decision Making grows with Courage

T – Transformational Learning grows with Contribution

H – Harvest Focus grows with Integrity

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