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What our People Say

Student Feedback

"We have terrific school trips." - Abigail

"Our school is cool because we play soccer with our friends." - Elijah

"The teachers are so encouraging and inspire children to work at their full potential." - Nina

"This school is really fun and is made out of pure AWESOMENESS." - Antoneo

"This school is about Godliness, being trustworthy and enjoying learning." - Izaiah

"I love SACS because of the everyday learning we did about God and his amazing works. Seeing the continuous changes to the school every year and enjoying the looks on kids faces and they too discover change. A highlight as a former SACS student is how welcomed I feel by the teachers that have never met or taught me before." - Andrew


Parent Feedback

"The pastoral care emphasis of the school culture means that no children "slip through the cracks". The teachers genuinely value each and every child and do their utmost to ensure the students are achieving their potential." - Rachel

"With its unique commitment to honouring God every day, great teacher/student ratios and daily opportunities with positive encouragement to succeed in all areas, SACS is our only choice of a great school for our children. All staff have strong Christian values and are positive role models who genuinely care about each child’s academic, spiritual and social development. They are committed to helping each individual reach their full potential and as a result the children thrive in this nurturing, caring and supportive environment where each child is known and recognised by name. Parents are always well informed as to what is happening at school and we have every confidence that our children are safe and well cared for while being provided with every opportunity to be the best that they can be. Our two boys have a strong sense of belonging in the small SACS community and they enjoy positive, connected, close friendships while interacting comfortably with all year levels and staff. SACS provides a very solid foundation for our children’s future and reinforces the values that we try to uphold at home. Sending our children to SACS has been one of the most rewarding decisions we have made. As parents we couldn’t be happier, but more importantly, neither could our boys." - Rebekah

"My son thrives in the environment of SACS. The academic values of the school mixed with Christian values sets him apart from other children his age. The resources he is exposed to every day are above and beyond my expectations as a mother and his teachers all truly care about him. I love SACS." - Tam


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