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Middle Room

Middle Room - Year 3 & 4 Classroom  

The Middle Room is made up of an awesome team of Year 3 and 4 students, enthusiastic to learn and have fun! This year our classroom theme is, ‘God is Loving and Gracious’. We are learning that God loves us by studying how God faithfully and mercifully led the Israelites out of Egypt. We take what we have learned about God and reflect on how we can be more like Him in sharing the great promise of Salvation for those who love Him.


Each day we participate in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We are excited to be working for the second year with the PR1ME programme for Maths, and are learning about what good readers and writers do so we can become good readers and writers ourselves. This includes understanding phonics, spelling patterns, and vocabulary.


During Inquiry time, we are investigating the air around us, the Middle East, different celebrations, and light, sound, and colour! Our explorations also incorporate using our artistic skills in Visual Art, Music, Drama and Dance! Everyday during worship time, we continue to use our vocal skills by participating in corporate singing. In the Middle Room, we pride ourselves on our amazing singing abilities!


Our Room strives to be an encouraging and accepting environment. We aim for excellence in all areas, and we understand that excellence looks different for every child. We are not in competition with each other, but we are always trying to do our best and grow from strength to strength!


Learning in the Middle Room is God-centred, fun and focussed! We love learning and growing both for now and for eternity!

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Mrs Jennifer Henry  
Middle Class Teacher  

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