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Senior Room

Senior Room - Year 5 - 8 Classroom 

We have plenty happening and heaps to look forward to in the Senior Room this year! We are delving into the theme of God is faithful: starting with the plan of salvation, Jeremiah’s prophesies, how Daniel and his friends obey. We will also learn about Esther and the Minor Prophets and how God is the Restorer of Hope – dying and raising from the dead. We finish the year with the reconciliation of Jacob and Esau, Modern history and the Bible and our Christmas unit is The Rescuer is Born.

In the Senior Room, we will be striving to become even better Mathematicians, Readers and Writers, as we practice our strategies and skills, and increase our knowledge. We can be sure to find plenty of opportunities to improve our oral language skills and confidence as a speaker, with speeches, presenting, drama, and leading out.

Our Inquiry in Term 1 focuses on Water – where our water comes from, and the journey it takes to reach our taps. We will also learn about purification and conservation of water and how it affects us. In Term 2 we will learn more about Eastern Europe – locating places and comparing living and culture. Term 3 finds us learning about conflict– identifying where and why conflict exists, as well as possible solutions. In Term 4 we are going to be exploring the exciting world of science – everyday science that happens all around us.  

In Art, we are going to let our creativity shine through the mediums of drawing, design, printing, collage, modeling and construction. In Music we will be learning about pitch, rhythm and texture, as we explore the conventions of writing music, as well as making music together.

All this and more! Between School Camp, P.E.’s athletics, swimming, squash, fitness, volleyball & hockey; Technology’s inventive and expressive creations; our learning of basic conversational Spanish and Maori; and beginning to think about our strengths and talents for future career paths, especially for our Year 7’s & 8’s - we are bound to have a busy, challenging, exciting year ahead!


God bless,

    T 05 
Mrs Shirley Ah-Wan  
Senior Room Teacher  

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