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Senior Room

Senior Room - Year 5 - 8 Classroom 

We have plenty happening and heaps to look forward to in the Senior Room this year! We are delving into the theme of Salvation: starting with how God called Elijah, and then Elisha, moving to Kings Joash and Josiah, and how God forgave Jonah and King Hezekiah. We focus on God being patient and full of grace, and our response to Him being forgiving and always present. In Term 3 we will look at how Jesus was our Gracious Mentor by being our example and teaching us, and in Term 4, we will study why we can trust the Bible to be true.

In the Senior Room, we will be striving to become even better Mathematicians, Readers and Writers, as we practice our strategies and skills, and increase our knowledge. We can be sure to find plenty of opportunities to improve our oral language skills and confidence as a speaker, with speeches, presenting, drama, and leading out.

Our Inquiry this year focuses on Our Land, and how it affects us – where we will investigate natural disasters and their effect on our lives – developing an understanding of how God still loves us, but why bad things still happen in our world. In Term 2 we will learn more about North America – locating places and comparing living and culture. Term 3 finds us comparing and inquiring into different types of government and how they impact on the lives of people. In Term 4 our bright sparks will wrap up the year by discovering more about our physical world by exploring and experimenting with God’s phenomenon of electricity.

In Art, we are going to let our creativity shine through the mediums of drawing, design, printing, collage, modeling and construction. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for pics throughout the year!

All this and more! Between P.E.’s athletics, swimming, squash, fitness, volleyball & hockey; Technology’s inventive and expressive creations; our learning of basic conversational Spanish and Maori; and beginning to think about our strengths and talents for future career paths, especially for our Year 7’s & 8’s - we are bound to have a busy, challenging, exciting year ahead!

God bless,

    T 05 
Mrs Shirley Ah-Wan  
Senior Class Teacher  

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