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The following costs are to be met by parents / caregivers;


1. Attendance dues

Attendance dues are compulsory, are paid to the proprietor and are used for capital development.

2. Bus Fees

a) This applies only to those who use the school bus service. The bus picks children up and drops them back at each individual house. A reduction in bus fares will be considered by the board only for a child not intending to use the bus on at least two trips per week and that this arrangement be sustained throughout any given term.

b) This applies to all students to cover the costs of travelling on the school bus to any event the school may attend such as sports day, swimming classes and school trips.

3. Technology Fee

All year 7 and 8 students travel to James Hargest each week for Technology and each student must pay a fee to cover costs associated with this privilege. Costs include transport and all course expenses.


a) Special Character Donation

This donation is sent to the Proprietors to support teacher and their professional development and appraisal with regard to the Special Character.

b) School Donation

This donation covers expenses related to any activity the school in involved in and may include sports costs, entry fees and activity costs.

4. Uniform Costs

All students are expected to be in full uniform at the expense of the account holders

Fees Policy

1. School expenses will be charged at the beginning of each term. Payment is required in full before the child can commence the next term. (i.e. term one mustbe totally paid before the child begins school in term two)

2. Enrolment places for those who have unpaid fees may, at the Board’s discretion, be re-allocated to others waiting to start school

3. Fees may be paid by instalments/direct bank credit or by prior arrangement with the school. Contact the Administrator or Principal for details.

4. For unpaid accounts the Board will follow the procedures outlined in the Financial policy for the collection thereof – these procedures may be viewed at the school


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