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About Us

Southland Adventist Christian School is an integrated co-education day school with a comprehensive programme compromising both primary and intermediate education, from New Entrants to Year 8.

Our History

The school is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, principally for the education of its youth. It provides education in harmony with the beliefs, values, life-style and commitment of the church. Emphasis is place on the development of a Christian character and a life of service in the community.

The first Seventh-day Adventist School in Invercargill was opened in 1955 in Esk Street. By 1968 conditions had become a little cramped, so a new school was built on Bainfield Road in Waikiwi. This school served its purpose for over 50 years. As the number of students in the school grew into the 70s, a new property was purchased on Durham Street, just across the road from the old school. After 12 months of construction, the new school was opened on the 6th of February 2021.

The school is run by the Board of Trustees consisting of members elected by the parents, Seventh-day Adventist Church proprietor representatives, the principal and staff representative.

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  • 21 Durham Street
  • Waikiwi
  • Invercargill
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Our Staff

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Teaching Staff

Josh Taylor


Rebecca Hansen

Teacher - Room 1

Vineta Aiolupotea

Teacher - Room2

Ann Smales

Teacher - Room 3

Julie Mennie

Teacher - Room 4

Jennifer Henry

Teacher - Room 5

Hannah Squires

Teacher - Release

Support Staff

Marlena Payne

Office Administrator

Pastor Tulaga Aiolupotea


Christine Boekhout

Teacher Aide

Geoff Harvey

Bus Driver

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Our Mission


The Southland Adventist Christian School maintains the ideals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in matters of faith, conduct and morals. The teaching of these ideals is one of the reasons for the school’s existence. The standards of conduct are intended to improve the students’ usefulness in society, elevate their character, enable their minds and increase their happiness.


The purpose of the school is to lead young people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ by developing their characters, minds and academic skills for service to God and man for life and eternity.


“Growing and Learning Together for life and Eternity”



Because we believe God’s laws outline standards of ethical behaviour based on His character of love, students will be encouraged to display the following values in keeping with our vision.

Principal's Message

Choosing a school for your child is clearly one of the most important decisions you will have to make.

At Southland Adventist Christian School we understand that you want the best for your child. We also understand that children learn differently. For this reason we focus not only on what your child learns, but how they learn. We recognise that learning goes beyond classroom; that it extends to building confidence and resilience, taking responsibility, and engaging with others. These aspects of learning, plus more, are explored through our Bible, values and pastoral care programs.

Our supportive environment facilitates spiritual, academic and social growth in all members of the school community. By choosing Southland Adventist Christian School for your child, you will be placing them in a safe and intimate learning environment that supports their learning, nurtures their talents and encourages their development into confident and capable citizens of their community.

As a Christian school, we focus on providing a caring learning community; a community that is committed to developing personal excellence through academics, at the same time, leading students into a personal relationship with Jesus. Our school provides nurture, promotes excellence and instils values.

Southland Adventist Christian School is making a difference in the lives of children and their families – a difference that has far reaching effects. I am thankful for God’s presence in our school and His blessing upon it.

I look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school community.

In His service

Josh Taylor

Our History
The first Seventh-day Adventist School in Invercargill was opened in 1955. By 1968 conditions had become a little cramped, so a new school was built at the present site at Waikiwi. The school is run by the Board of Trustees consisting of members elected by the parents, Seventh-day Adventist Church proprietor representatives, the principal and staff representative. Over the past fews year the roll has grown. In 2019 we received a maximum roll increase meaning we can now have up to 100 students.

In 2020, construction started on our new school building at the old Waikiwi School site. The official opening and blessing of the new school took place on the 6th of February 2021, with the first day for students on the 9th of February.
What People Say

Parent Feedback

SACS is an amazing school community to be part of. It is a place where our children are encouraged to grow in their love and knowledge of the Lord as they learn about His marvellous creation. They are continuously extended to reach their full potential and encouraged to treat each other with respect. We love sending our children to a place where the values and beliefs are an extension of our home. ~Carmen

When we moved from Auckland to Southland we visited a few different schools, but quickly settled on Southland Adventist Christian School for our boys, then aged 5 and 7. SACS has been a perfect fit over the last 3.5 years. Not only is there a strong focus on academic achievement, but the pastoral care values that the school focuses on means that the students are learning how to care for each other, and how to be positive role models for students younger than them. We have been so pleased with the calibre of teachers, and their commitment to doing their absolute best for our children. I can't recommend this school highly enough. ~Rachel

As a parent there are many things we love about this school. We value how approachable and available the teaching staff are so that if we have any queries or concerns, they can be resolved easily and effectively. We also appreciate that at SACS, it is not just academic learning that is focused on, but the character of the student as well. We value the time and energy that is invested in both of these things. We believe that at SACS, our children are truly cared about and invested in and that means a great deal to us as parents. ~Shane & Sarah

Student Feedback

I like how it is a Christian school and we get to learn lots of things about God. I also like how everybody is so loving and kind. ~Larah

I like this school because the staff are really nice and caring for all the students. ~Cody

Our school has great teachers that teach us all about the great Creator. ~Savanah

This school is awesome, the teachers are really encouraging and teach really well about God. ~Jamie-lee

What's good about this school is that all the teachers want you to achieve to the best of your ability. ~Nathan